Thursday, September 10, 2015

YL College: Large Group Structure

This Thursday we're looking at Young Life College and large group structure. 

Lots of folks from around the country shared how they structure their YLC large groups.  

  • Who leads large groups?
    • Each group is lead by a pair of students and an adult couple. We have a freshman guys group, a freshman girls group and a co-ed group.
  • Where are they hosted?
    • Dorms – easy access
    • People’s Houses – homey feel
  • What’s the format?
    • We eat, serving dinner or snacks (like “Campus Cookies,” or cheese sticks from a local favorite Pizza shop.); 
    •  We hang out. This time is great for fellowship. Before and after large group to give them time to build community 
    • Announcements
    • Worship,Teaching, Discussion, Prayer
      • We open with two worship songs. After that we have a Campaigner share their testimony. Then a leader teaches. Originally we just taught on whatever we wanted to that week, but we are currently trying going through a book in the Bible.
      • We lead a conversational discussion of a specific passage and event of Jesus' life.
      • We do two songs of worship; a sharing time of how people have seen God working in their friends’ lives; and then we have a lesson. We try to keep discussion going during the lessons. We want to foster community in any way we can.
      • Topical studies have worked for us. We've done a video and discussion format as well.
      • We have a large group/small group hybrid. We start everyone together (all freshmen and coed) then we split up into small groups for discussion/prayer/sharing.
    • We run it like a mini club with:
      • 1. Mixer
      • 2. One or two fun songs
      • 3. Walk-on/announcements, etc.
      • 4. Two to three worship tunes
      • 5. Talk
      • 6. Breakout discussion groups.

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