Thursday, February 4, 2016

Buy New Tunes, Send Kids To Camp

We just heard about a super creative way that Nashville Young Life is raising money for summer camp! A group of volunteer leaders are recording an EP and 50% of all the proceeds support Nashville Young Life. 

The EP includes five different artists, each contributing one original song to the record. All of the artists on the project have served as Young Life leaders: Ryan Scott Travis, Stephen Day, Emily Kozacek, Matt Wright, along with Andrew & Haley Conner. Learn more about these artists here.

The title of this project is “HOPE: Songs To Benefit Nashville Young Life”. A pre-order crowdfunding campaign is being hosted by Lost Harbor Music. LHM is a site dedicated to serving artists and supporting missions by making good music. This site was started by record producer, audio engineer and YL leader Zach Hughes.

Pre-order the album here and help send kids to camp!

Do you have a unique way you're raising summer camp $? If so, send us an email so we can share your ideas with leaders around the world.

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